On comodo,trust in ssl, and an Elephant

Comodo is a firm that ‘did’ ssl, and offered Iranians there services for the domain name google, skype and others which as you know are not internet based already elsewhere and as such are not Iran based in nature.

Comodo’s certificates can be found in firefox and other browsers by default as ‘trusted’.

Since Comodo is obviously run by retarded lemmings somewhere in America I have revoked Comodo’s certs from firefox.  People assume ssl is safe, or something Comodo have proven to many that ssl in http things is meaningless and that’s before i get to mentioning spies and rubber hosing – after all a key is only as good as means of guarantee if only the right people have them.

May I suggest you delete Comodo to from your browser.  If you buy ssl from retarded lemmings then you have just got mine to do the firefox freak out since your now Iranian – so go shout death to america, and don’t you worry about it.

Next retarded American is the mentioned before Bob Parsons.

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Bob Parsons is the man behind godaddy a firm of dubious morals which if your slightly intelligent means you steer clear of these crooks.

So how does Mr Parsons enlighten us all on his grasp of american foriegn affairs and crackpot dictators ? Easy you go to Zimbabwe and shoot an elephant, and then make a video of it.

Clearly a man of wisdom* and you wonder how many mdc humans he also shot for zanu-pf while there.

What a nice firm godaddy are.

* If you have never heard of Zimbabwe then your an idiot.