bump, bump, bump and nothing to do with winnie the pooh.

'Looks like the 242' bus said Piglet and not a hefalump.

Is how many are introduced to winnie the pooh or edward bear [not the poo disney do].  Bump, bump bump was a fair approximation of my bus ride to this and the return back to the zoo as the bus navigated the holes in the road.

Bearing with pooh it appears that our library is to be ‘rebooted/reimagined’ without public sector workers in and the money for a lot things will be going to less efficient councils instead of locally whom never saw any of the extra money most councils got under labour.

So if the japanese can fix a road in under six days after a major earthquake, you start to wonder if the Japanese in London think of the devastation which can be clearly felt in my bus ride..

One has to wonder – if Dalston also has crap roads then you do start to wonder how the money was spent that some are ‘losing’ and some never got to start with.

Go figure.