Generic searching,jc penny, and the rest.

Our zoo’s internet provider sends out some technical newsletter once in a blue moon, there worth reading and occassionally changing things.

The latest had something finally about ipv6, and fibre connections that raised more questions than answers and than rather be caught out by buying one and then finding out we need super duper magic network extra thing to do it.  I’d rather be informed first than fix it later.

This meant generic searches that big useless firm i relate to here (my blog) is thinking and microsoft windows (since linux is incompatible there) is the important requirements, well they are shit.  I find a site with zero technical information and a picture of something no identification just picture of something like a converter.

Google this isn’t working.  So i super size my generic search with a brand name.  i get a site that could show me a video about something else to do with wifi.

Eventually i ‘deduce’* it is something to do with pppoe and we might be fine with our existing newish network items, still 100% not sure.

Back to fibre and our connection is a bit slow – however it works and unless its eight times faster i see no point in ‘if your lucky it might do 10bits a second extra for five seconds’ becuase of limitations and overselling of the pipe.

Back to Google (and microsoft since they copy the big g) dont get off too well yes i knew my imprecise search would get me crap results but clearly just because five link spammers linked to a site about brand x does not mean im going to go jc penny and I will buy that brand there [lets hope they ship internationally] is not going to happen.

Even we apes get free advertising coupons from google and generally find them pretty sad in some subject areas.  If gaming google is the thing, and microsoft aping them because there incompetent proves three things.

  1. unless you do something very specific your screwed
  2. i dont want to buy bananas from jc penny
  3. microsoft is also a joke

While say x links to  a page might once been a note of quality it just means now its a way for seo companies to extort money and polute results.   I did not buy anything as a result of my search why – because it was not technical enough.  Thus page views or top ranking dont always mean a sale.

Some people might  but i see top ranking and link farms as proof the idiots have arrived.

* colonel mustard with the candle sticks did it