The audio public library – whitby and dracula.

mp3 players or variants are essentially out of bounds to library users, yes you can buy titles or if out of copyright maybe for free via there shop at there discretion while services like Lendle get terminated.

As i am no rabbid apple fan ape, i did not know that those apple things are also crippled, eg its hard to copy a file from say a computer to a sound thing  unless you use itunes which is shop.

The audio library is one way  library users can not have to use a shop. I run Linux and found that Linux not being a mac or windows user was troublesome to download eventually i get a file ‘Dracula_%7bUnabridged.%7d(2).mp3’ to download which hopefully will play being i am no mac or windows user.

Then a session timeout, (after all two login sessions one for download, and one for the library system. The file 370mb was finally ‘delivered’.

The file plays without drm or file management which was a relief after two attempts at getting the file. It has a running time of 18 hours.

I choose Dracula since i have never read it, and quite how Whitby became ‘important’ in goth circles seems an odd choice.  The text by Stoker is better than i thought it would be with atheism, mental diseases, and early blood transfusions along with the vampires and knowledge that estate agents have always been a retarded bunch.

It works well even today despite the new fangled ‘shorthand’ and the typewriter.  Its use of the then technology works well and puts part three together well, although a little flowery while it rehashes huge chunks clearly a nod to newspapers whom might have serialized it making the later bits mind numbing boring.

Another reason for it was the lack of choice of ‘new’ books in audio format in offering.

Since I don’t own a proper ‘mp3’ player and i am a fast reader 17 hours to get through dracula seems very long compared to the text.  However worth the effort andif you own a sound thing something that print books on a screen its worth asking your library service for.

5/5 bananas.