Is ebay screwed ?

The zoo had a car to sell, we heard rumours of a change, and then four hours later bang a replacement car was purchased which leaves the question what to do with the other one which is in fine condition.

Well there are quite a few options to selling a car, but the zoo did not even consider using ebay, and we did not mention it either.  Ebay has issues (i remember seeing ‘NO TIME WASTERS’ in listings on my visit some years ago) and a lot of crooks.  Paypal is another reason which payments being blocked and them being unresponsive to communication might just mean the large item is a write off should the worst happen.

Meg Whitman is ok, what about ebay ?

I have no idea how much it would cost to sell a car a car on ebay now (we do not use the site), but he likes of failed  republican party member Meg Whitman probably mean it is expensive.

On a site i visited some users where singing the praises of another retail giant, and this was offered for free.  I don’t see that with ebay do you ?

I also see that the bbc is also doing its usual ‘THE INTERNET IS BAD’ stuff this time with electrical products in the run up to christmas.  Somehow that is also going to effect ebay too even being as badly written as the internet haters in the news bit of bbc do their best. Personally speaking its five years since i bid in an auction, and the shops stuff (eg new) is no bargain and nothing new has ever been bought via ebay.

This is not meant to be a political post but the failure of Carly Fiorina and Whitman to run for political office [states] in the Usa is proof that outsourcing  (hp) or internet our still seen as bad, what perhaps made cheap business sense was bad for a career in politics so we wont be seeing much of the dot com people in politics for a number of years yet..


I also note that in a supplement in a newspaper for using a pc ebay as a site gets a huge pimp from some windows magazine that also pimps trip advisor [which has an ifffy reputation too] along with Microsoft.

If ebay are paying for being featured in a newbie guide then clearly there are problems.