‘Proper’ and the bbc.

Snob who works at the bbc

Recently the bbc took some criticism for the books the bbc perceive ‘we’ should be reading.

Personally as large book reader (about two a week on average) i could not give a stuff about the bbc’s views on my reading being right or wrong, and that there is little television viewing done here.

Here is the issue Рif you need the bbc to tell you to read then essentailly your screwed to begin with.  This had something to do with a book day hence the bbc pimpage and then the latter critism that if your not reading Stephen Hawking or Cider with Rosie or some book with cause or big message like that your a mental retard.

Since i failed to even know that the bbc was ‘loving’ books and was just about vaguely informed* as there was a book day but was not sure when before the event my views on the snobbish bbc view does not matter.

Sue Perkins did a crap

Personally if you asked I am with the genre writers whom feel slighted by ‘it’s not fucking literature’ is it and yes i consider that fantasy book that they made into three films is a load of shit.

Another way of interpreting the message that some books are more wholesome than others which can be benchmarked by the bbc showing some old black and white film of say a classic book, or the dumbing down of a book by adapting it for the tv.

In most cases these are not shown on the bbc and adaptations are rare. I hate Charles Dickens with a passion and so the best way to prove that the bbc is no friend to books is that genre stuff gets a better production pickup than some book that deals with inequality in the south of america whom the bbc think we should love on one program which is essentially extra pr for book day and not really innovative new television is it.

So there you have it some tv producer might think they have ‘taste’ in books but when the bbc asks them to make a detective show**, or some drama with a pub i bet you they will jump at it even though its low brow and hell it might even need a spaceship to require a pub – there’s irony there.

I better not tell you what i think of the average booker prize winner, which oddly all you non book reading people seem to rush out and buy and then never read and buy another book for your next summer holiday.

You can test this theory for yourselves.

* i read ** provided the bbc don’t go european and buy some drama already made becuase its art house or something.