Packing for mars, Mary Roach

isbn: 9781851687800 details some of the many millions whom decide what an astronaut needs to be’ the right stuff’.  Simply put with no real proper science done with the moon landings until later which can be viewed as cold war pilot stunts clearly the view of being a pilot and an apple pie american no longer cuts it and might explain why the Americans gave up on moon landings when they did.

Another problem is with the psychologists themselves when the train was new they thought 25kph would kill people.  Replace train and car for spaceship and  congrats your a saint sigmound brain professional.

Space is not an ideal environment simply because we are not used to it, or have developed it much for long term exposure.

The book tries to square the dilemma of the brain doctors and the needs of space science.  Clearly since most humans aren’t capable of going 25kph in train without dying.

It is a fascinating book and shows just how alien space is to humans.

5/5 bananas

This book was not part of a bbc program on book taste and thus makes all readers of it idiots.