Mumsnet on itv, dear god no!

Baboons give us a, give us a b and give us a c

Here at the zoo we occasionally get some humans whom watch itv which if your a foreigner is trailer trash television from what is generally known since we dont watch it along with a heck of lot other people.

These people are easy to spot.  They yell that they want to see Baboons.

Something odd happened it appears that the lowest common denonimation (if your brainy think imperial and fractions) seems not to be paying for chav ‘n asbo tv.  So how do they go upmarket apart from only commissioning only one series of downtown abbey? and then being surprised that it appeals to people whom dont watch itv .

Showing some animal arse helps, although not a new format – say ‘Baboons with a human with surname beginning with a B*’, which we assume has a human mooning his arse at some baboons since that’s what baboons are like – I mean look at your average baboon.  I must add i dont watch itv

Secondly you also go prudish – I note as they go daily mail tabloid like ‘enraged’ in a mock asbo level documentary at mass market clothing shops and then blame them and not itv for some human children getting pregnant and stuff or so im told – again this has been done before but not on chav tv.

Readers of the Inspector [see blogs i read] will be probably wondering about the lack of contestants for its Jerry Springer output which they will put out in a couple of years time.  I think a lady called Trica, and somebody called Jeremy do that – never seen it.

Mumsnet go lecture them chav poor people

This is where good old mumsnet comes in who as ‘responsible’ daily mail type adults whom don’t read the sun put across there views to the chav n asbo demographic.  There goes human society after all mumsnet knows best.

Anyhow i am sure its just a passing fad after all blaming television advertisers for sex is no way to run a commercial tv channel so lets have another series of mooning baboons.  After all its got everything going for it and wont upset advertisers or the average viewer of itv.

* Only people with a B surname could present it, example Baboons with Duncan sounds like a porn film.