Spammers – where is the email spam

Bananas in the Falklands helped get Robert Soloway arrested some time ago now

OK yes the zoo is hard to spam but where are you all ? We are not missing it but the email server is bored stiff and looks like it has packed up working.

Spammer hunting was fun a few years ago when i and a few others got pissed off with Robert Soloway and eventually ended up getting noticed and was also the first use of can-spam us law which i have to admit was a bit of shock.

Although Mr Soloway is now out of federal camp, the spam has not completely stopped.

I have not touched the config in a year. abuse@zoo misses the spam. People who spam the domain contacts have been well and truly screwed with account changes, and spf foils most attempts so it can be defeated although it is still being sent.

I have even noticed it on my gmail account.  It is also empty of spam.

I do miss the monitoring of Mr Soloway and his family (his prison book list was interesting* last time it came to our attention and forwarded to the law enforcement people) but things change and i have to change as well but they can also change back.

Anyhow, a proper use of email rather than as a advertising media is good.  That leaves ticketmaster, those ‘coupon’ websites which are no bargain if you assume that to get a 50% discount means raising the price, and makes the coupon code a little pointless.

* some interesting on titles on cyber crime, along with some fiction stuff