Pwning Sony – a good thing and Sco-x

Sony is a company I don’t like – blueray* dont work on Linux ‘well’, drm on cdroms, George Hotz and so i dont use or advise others to use Sony things since clearly there’s the product timer, as you dont own your hardware, and as they screw computer systems to stop things from working.

More than enough reasons I think before even i get to Mr Hotz.

Anyhow with Sony being Pwned bug time, and the person who now has 77 million bits of personal information  has certainly brought Sony down a notch or two in the average realm of perception.

Clearly when a company hates its customers as much as Sony do i consider this good thing and I certainly would never be seen dead with any Sony products.  Clearly not a firm to trust.

I suppose that happens when the Lawyers take over from the creative people, Sco-x is now unable to pay any of its bills having lost all those court battles.  Something no doubt Microsoft are secretly happy about.

* there is new format already in the wings, so dont buy blueray disks – an example of the sony timer too..