Alternate Vote – requires more than two parties

two legs bad, four legs good

People are odd at elections.  Those who vote, and who gets voted for depends on those who can be bothered to vote – hence the uk’s liberal / conservative government quite why Gordon Brown and his weird ideas and voters went perhaps can inform you as to why he has disappeared.

That’s when two main parties fail since things wont change for the better and the usual dogma and rich people buying laws and peerages makes you wonder if it was worth the vote after all this politics business has more to do with who you know, and who’s offspring you be.

Having established that two parties are bad, and you know that i vote green i can now get to av voting where votes can get transferred to another party.  Being practical and knowing that my green vote wont count.  The questtion with av becomes do i want my vote transfered to some nazi* like party like labour who might pick up that one vote for none of the reasons and why i intentionally voted green in the first place.

The point – is that while i disagree with a lot of green party ideals and ‘over busy Caroline Lucas**’ is not the green party is that i dont think everybody else is ready for av.

If – say people did vote for more than two main parties on a regular basis then av might work.  But im dammed if my green vote then gets transferred to some left wing party who take bribes and hate the idea of liberty.

I’m ready for av, shame the UK isn’t.  four legs good, two legs bad.

* pro id cards, copyright friendly ** whom is an mp and mep, who cycles between London and Europe every day [humour]

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