Afgantsy, Rodic Braitwaite

isbn: 9781846680540 explores the 1979 Russian day trip to Afghanistan which set a few things in motion.

The first thing about Afghanistan is can you civilise the salvage and does he want to be,  the argument goes back to the 1860’s [hint crimean war] and if by judging current events then the answer appears to be no.

Team America

vote rigger Karzai n(remember Bssh?)

Secondly does the man who rules it speak for the cities or the countryside.  That is problem 2, while cities might be liberal and civilised, do they matter outside of it.

Its an empire thing – defending civilsion from the retard neighbour,  here is where the media and Sylvester Stallone, and political types come in for critism as is the savage really interested in doing anything except what he knows which is oppression of women, dancing boys and sex along with being small minded and the rest.

This is old territory as even Kipling had a go at to.

The book draws a parallel between the civilisers and the oppressed savage who oppresses other savages, whom upsets the civilised. Afghanistan has also been a money pit, and continues to be one.

A question one might ask is could this been avoided? if  say things where different.  I would argue that at some point Afghanistan would always have been a flashpoint of inbred retards fighting the world.

Back to actual history and Iran turning away from both super powers and doing its own stuff (my blog) set the conflict going again in peoples minds in 1978.  From the russians perspective, a tale of  life is told who through there intentions also failed to civilise it, something happening again.

Pakistan with its Saudi links is no doubt more responsible for what happenned in Afganistan becuase it ignored demilitarising it.

An interesting read 5/5 bananas.

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