Itv,chavs,harry potter,missing kids,3d, and Karen Matthews.

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters success

The zoo was discussing the past national movie awards which i only read about (for the rest of you was apparently on the chav channel itv where chavs apparently ring expensive phone numbers for voting films out and yet to be seen which competes with the Canne film festival several months ago so its also a bit bargain basement with film people.

The interesting thing I read was that a non 3d* film won the awards for best seen film.  That raises a lot of questions, or at least should do since 3d is the thing apparently films ‘need’.

It also suggests that book reading among the itv viewing public is pretty bad. Mr Chalk (my blog) would seem to be on the money about shiny disks and tv’s over books in some peoples way of living. Of things Potter – the issue of the McCann‘s is still not ‘solved’- however Karen Matthews thought it was worth a money making venture.

Whatever your view (if you have one) of Harry Potter is that it has many meanings and it has made churchy types look idiots for being anti, and the pro.  Becoming associated with a hopeless cause can detract from the image of success and also that 3d isn’t also the thing films need for mass popularity are perhaps ignored.

Rowling (as an author) on the whole probably has been a good thing despite some rather silly statements and failing to magic up missing kids, but the magic does funny things to egos, her attempt to self publish and bypass the publishing industry will be interesting to watch as a result.  Ego is a dangerous thing and can make the writer unreadable.

* eg usually converted, thus not really a 3d film

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