Gotta laugh at them itv viewing chav’s and asbo’s

something else itv viewers have never heard of

Apparently (sorry very second hand) is that some quiz program host quipped that there show beat dr who in the uk.  Whle many chavs and asbos probably won’t get the point of dr who it must be concluded that with an international audience it is huge compared to a ‘regional’ quiz program which i am still unaware of and have never heard of the host either.  Ignorance like mine is priceless.

I’m glad that idiots like quiz shows and cannot grep dr who despite the bbc doing there best to turn it into kiddies tv [the ‘later’ time slot for dw helped when it returned to tv].  Anyhow people are people and its good people have choices.  Mind you ratngs are a hit and miss business anyhow in a environment of multi channel tv and catch up not forgetting the five worldwide dr who fans who will buy the dvd set.

Mind you itv (commercial tv) might have a problem since i also read they now allow sex toys to be promoted, im sure the average quiz show watcher on itv would rather be enjoying there sex toy than the finer points of what letter in the alphabet is a consonant.*

Catholic priest problems fixed with a cock lock

Such are the dangers perhaps some of those will give up quiz shows for a new sex toy, i am sure that celeb will be most upset about that.  However if they help sell some pleasure devices whose complaining after all i have had my fun with the demographic.

Television is an odd beast.

* phone/text your answer to rekcus

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