Leave Godaddy today

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Today is leave godaddy day, due to them supporting sopa, shooting elephants and other stuff.   We don’t use Godaddy here at the zoo but if you do please consider moving since godaddy.com indicate they hate you as a client.

So if you care do something by transferring your domains and hosting to somebody else.  Dont do do it because of this as i am saying so.  I’m trying to look after your better interests who godaddy com or its resellers don’t unless your a huge copyright holder.

So don’t be stupid. Move it.

5 responses

  1. godaddy.com has introduced a new style for their reseller accounts and it is trash!!!! The new style is an untested reseller program!! Example: if you change the color of your home menu bar, and then you hover over the products menu bar and the drop list appears and you scroll through the list, the drop down menu bar background color will become the color of your home menu bar, which makes using the color black not a goodthing. Question: How can web developers, software developers even release a program of this size and not have it tested correctly? Seriously I think the developers for godaddy’s reseller accounts are retardedly slow and have no idea what they are doing!! The new style has at least 100 problems I have found myself and I bet there are many more.

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