Meet wenlock…..

This is governmental evil genius at its best and something you can buy.  Also mercilessly taken the piss of with hidden and censored reviews like….

Since buying this toy, my neighbours collection of Gollies* have all been unduly harassed or locked away in a cupboard for no reason.

a little unkind but very funny and ..

I bought one of these for my nephew but before I could give it to him, Wenlock’s ‘All Seeing Eye’ had spotted the leaflet on my kitchen table for an anti-Olympics protest on the day after the opening ceremony. Before I knew it, the building where I live was surrounded by a special armed Olympics police unit and now I’m banned from central Stratford’s “Dispersal Zone” until late September.

That is a bit more serous but makes a valid point.

Wenlock place of manufacture is not mentioned and has perhaps shown up by a few says..

  • I look very smart in my police officer uniform
  •  I have the important job of protecting you on your journey to the London 2012 Games.

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Wenlock is no orignial either – think leela from fururama and some civil servant and committees probably spend a fortune on this which the tax payer is also to pay for.  Now thats a wenlock too far

Remember both labour and conservatives think this is good way of spending of money.  Oddly they had no plans to make a g4s version of wenlock…… … since they probably wont turn up anyhow.

Mind you when your average labour party mp ends up awarding g4s the contract and gets a job with g4s is also a bit revealing.

* think jam and toys

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