The Megan Stammers question.

Megan Stammers is a runaway whom the media organisations will soon erase as an anonymous person when the situation resolves itself forever censored.  A good example is a booker prize book nominee from a few years ago that sounded very much like what actually happened which i failed to find a link to reality while writing that blog post*.

However in the Stammers case there is more to it than just a simple issue as both she and her other half seem complicit, and it appears with many secrets and lies make this a case of very bad parenting.

Needless to say Cristina Odone who is a vile catholic and hates most things in modern life this a red flag to a bull.  In a  blog post of hers she asks what should she do. Notice that comments are switched off, and to reply perhaps catholics support teacher castration**, as does abusive nuns,(my blog)  and perhaps a randy catholic catholic priest (my blog) to traumatise children – becoming from a broken home means ms stammers is clearly a laundry and abusive priest prime target if you read the links to my blog.


However there is more to this issue than what weirdo catholics want and simply castrating teachers instead of catholic priests because that’s what catholic’s like her think best.  Also the other view that all men are evil ignores that something must have been terribly wrong in the family units (with divorces and marriages) for nobody to have absolutely zero clue about the level of  planning and documents being obtained what the merits of the relationship that appears to be clearly better than that with her family.

Such issues are not aired and give rise to wacko catholics like Odone who see wrong doing in only one perspective mind you as all catholics lack thinking skills which is proved nicely by her stand point.

* of which i cannot be bothered to link to – involved a oxbridge university. ** females can also abuse.

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