Banksy, and a book by a snob on banksy

isbn 9781845136994 probably would not have been published without a person and a double barreled name along the lines of wylingtyme-summering acockadoodledo*

wylingtyme-summering acockadoodledo also is a rupert murdoch employee and even helped get yet another piece of bnnksy get removed**.   As apes we saw banksy once as i detailed here (my blog) so have a mild interest in this human although not our main interest.

wylingtyme-summering acockadoodledo book is not authorised as official and he get some of the reasons why the lower classes (and apes in the zoo) like him and why what it is is not what some people think it is close to.  But if your an toff things have to have it explained as to influences like ugg the caveman and turner***.

The book plods along and as wylingtyme-summering acockadoodledo is seriously out of his depth its heavy going.fortunately for you humans there are a few photos if you cant read.

Banksy comes across as thoughtful,well intentioned and principled who despite the art industries attempts to commercialise him.  Owning a banksy after all misses a lot of the point about banksy if you even stop and think for billionth of second and think.

0/5 bananas.

* you get my point ** so a bit of scumbag for future writers and persons. *** humour

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