Laughing at Zack Snyder

Bananas had an it problem* last year which meant ‘babysitting’ late one evening, and since i was waiting meant i found a film on free tv worth a view for just the criticism (my blog) it being an Alan Moore interpretation so full of fail and nobody who knows anything about Mr Moore and film means the film is guaranteed to be a dud, so the director with the silly name then made a faithful version but still he did not grep the hate that he and his kind get when interpreting things wrongly.

Watchmen, which it appears be more than one version of this film film/dvd/extended/etc.  Being i own the graphic novel as a paper book i still prefer the paper version.  Poor Mr Snyder who clearly does not have any guts making an original film.

Then there was his attempt at a computer game called sucker punch which most people ignored as the studio decided was a children’s film, rather than an adult film.

0/5 bananas for the film about the graphic novel.

Having no wish to see that other film either perhaps it is best that the more bad films in whole week blocks fill your local multiplex by Hollywood means people seek better stuff.

Fortunately i resolved my issue and made my way back to the monkey house rather glad that i did not pay to see Zacky babe just not get the point of anything.  A result..

* it is really up to the minute here.

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