Wikinomics, tapscott & williams

isbn: 9781843546375 is an older book exploring the monster of colaboration.  Having seen the point of it and showing some examples of where it works it then promptly falls down on age issues like the sparc platform and claiming Dells attempt at bto is collaboration when in 2012/13 your probably buggered trying buy a no mircosoft os computer from them* so some examples work and others are buzzwords trying to get on meeting bingo card.

The book recognises the evil of copyright, and patents on dna sequencing, and that lawyers should not be the only ones to benefit from innovation. So generally its seeing sense although using best buy as an example perhaps shows that while opening up might save money it does not revolutionise much as best buy have found out.

3/5 bananas

* why do i see articles like how to show interest in dells linux offerings coming maybe soon.

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