The Bookman, Lavie Tidhar

isbn: 9780007346585 was read for being the only title of an award short-listee available.  Too be honest this is a publisher who’s author quality varies from notable to pulp.  It also sounded like a series from what i picked up.

lizzards mam

The book has a Jasper Fforde like quality, and once you get used to names from elsewhere then the book is entertaining.  Part steampunk-ish, the royal family are alien lizards thing and a dollop of touristy london equals quite a remix of things most will know.

I had to give the author extra bananas for putting Emmanuel Goldstein and Kilgore Trout together.  Bookish people will know why, if you don’t then read more.

Once over the hump this is a fun read with an alternative history rewritten.

4/5 bananas.  Time to find the shortlist book.

Guess time between cups and hplip

mE5If53I bang on and on about HP and hplip being a bit shit, hplip says both the genuine hp inks [colour aand black] are ‘good’. And a last its an meme.

With best before ink, suicide bombers in ink cartridges which one is it. Alas it appears that HP want not to tell us.  Thats ok with us as it means less usage of the printer which also hurts HP as less ink is used while the printer is not working for a good week* or so.

Print something and cups says otherwise…..


* these are special order, dont expect to walk into a retailer and find them to take away,

David Brin an author with some serious problems,

I like reading, i do not stick to just one area as i read what i think sounds interesting.  Sometimes i do get it wrong but when you read at least one book a week your going to get a dud at some point guaranteed. So it helps as well in judging the good stuff.

The series of books is becoming a problem in the book trade, while reusing people and items can work it opens itself up other criticisms like rehash or the Pratchett problem of dividing books between an audience of children and adults, plus you might have to have been there from the start otherwise good luck finding it in a library or shop – as i dont yet own a drm’ed ereader your a lost cause here in the monkey house.

The old series is a particular problem imagine say you wrote the first in 1980, and today in 2012 you are setting something in the 1980’s series.  David Brin has this problem and i cant get any of his series from my library since nobody has it unless i make a special request which i am not going to do and points to non popular issue straight away.

So as i am not that bothered about it i passed.  Mind you i once saw a minute of a film based on a book of his and thought it looked crap.

Anyhow with a shit stock available, and being pwned by hollywood i eventually found isbn 1841491527 and gave him the benefit of the doubt even the book distances itself with in capitals the words – a future thriller. Its rather wordy and hails from 2002, it felt like that Bruce Willis film about avatars which i caught on tv he being one of two ugly humans in a world of robots or something.

Anyhow i did not get very far into this book before giving up on it .  I recommend that bruce willis film hence my title for this blog stating what i think about David Brin.

The big fox and its problem for animal lovers.

Bananas was in the zoo when a large urban fox tried to pass unnoticed.  Its size gave it away.  One day the animal lovers or anti hunts people will face a problem when one of these eats a human.  There have already been babies attacked and have lost fingers and maulings to humans and attacks on farm livestock so I think the fox and these animal lovers will face a problem sooner rather than later.

It would nice to see a corporate manslaughter charge against the rspca (my blog) when a human death occurs.

Wool, Hugh Howey

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

isbn: 9781780891231 is an ebook that the publishers and agents ignored that finally* made it into print and this is one of those situations that seriously makes want to rethink my self imposed ban on an e-reader thing although thats not going to happen soon.

The hardback is more of an advert for his next book which seems to be a  good illustration of how stupid the publishing industry is having missed the boat.  Mind you Mr Howey should be congratulated for his efforts at making these publishing people look snobby,dumb and behind with the times.

The book has a lot of stairs in hence the winne the pooh (my blog) illustration for reasons best shared between them.

Set in a dystopia between something of a tall building underground humans live in a very ecological way. There are all sorts of people  and room for stories as these people cannot go outside an smoke a cigarette.

His environment is good, but the abrupt death  by means is a bit of a disconnect, then its back to the environment and a Philip K Dick bunker situation [no film yet book only].  The plot goes in fits and starts and needs very little pages.

Once a hero and villain emerge from page 217 it feels as the environment drags it all the way to the end.

However it is worthy of a read, and i hope to read more from the author

3/5 bananas a good begining.

* there are a lot of retards in publishing, missing the money

Boston Catholics finally get a dose of terrorism they support.

popeCatholics are an odd species after funding terrorism with attempts to killing royalty from Henry 8 onwards, and with migrating irish to the us funding the ira as late as the 1990’s being reported openly in the msm and films from Hollywood with big names playing on the ambiguity.

Let me also not remind you of Father Patrick Ryan either. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev decided to give Boston catholics a taste of the medicine that they helped fund in Britain.

Whatever Tsarnaev’s motives and reasons where is moot but it seems that intolerance can be exported and funded by Catholics but not tolerated by them.  That is a double standard.  It seems that these Catholics are unwilling to reap what they sow as killing the British apparently is ok so perhaps Tsarnaev is also ok by there catholic logic as they too funded terrorists.

Not all of Bostons population is catholic but i am sure if you asked did you or family  help fund irish liberation you would get a lot of yes’s from Boston.

Its an interesting position being devils advocate.

Newspapers and not wanting news or delaying it.

Journaliss are morons

Journaliss are morons

Imagine you have some information, it is newsworthy. You also observe that laws are being abused and you report this to an in charge person.  Nothing happens.  You then contact a newspaper and despite these people being ‘very important’ they cant be arsed to do anything and later have the cheek to complain that newspapers and journalists do not get respect.

Your name is Bradley Manning.

Quite where this leaves the newspaper industry as being honest and worthy of the forth estate is perhaps an uncomfortable place and perhaps wikileaks is the real home of openness that the newspapers and journalists seem unable to collect and even report.  Mr Manning perhaps has shown up a few home truths that people who we assume are neutral perhaps are not.

Its only an exclusive and not even the Washington Post wants them. Bradley 1, Newspapers 0.

Bananas likes to know both sides of an issue and it seems that critical voices are being suppressed for a long time. Wikileaks got suppressed by Visa international on the request of the American government and the un has done as impressive time delay of twenty years to The whistle-blower : sex trafficking, military contractors, and one woman’s fight for justice which was published in 2011..

As with any thing – things can go tits up, and the bigger the scope the larger mess   But there are two things going wrong here – a lack of msm interest that points to failure of the 4th estate in its job and that the compromising view of things seems to be of historical interest rather than contemporary and something changeable.


dnssec’s small problems

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Dnssec is a solution to a problem that does not yet seem to exist as a problem.  Very few people have it, and yes if you run your own nameservices then its easy.  However  i am unwilling to give up my existing global dns provider who does not support dnssec.

Nobody really supports it unless you have your own dns services and have them in the many global regions.  Its going to cost you, or if you go free then either your up for ‘inspection*’ by our nice american friends or Isreali snooping.

That seems to invalidate dnssec and perhaps explains why nobody uses it.  I would love to setup dnssec but the zoo does not have global dns provision, and yes while i could make nameservers service domain records that sets up a point of failure.

I sort of feel sorry for the dnssec cheerleaders and i would love to have a go it as it looks a bit like dkim.  Maybe next year i can revisit this, but i doubt its going to be doable or many people will even know about it.

* the nsa (my blog)