The despotic leader and the london school of economics

dearleaderEconomics is one of those subjects where extremes are brilliant – say a country with no frogs (my blog) is an interesting place to try policies out on. The Freidmans (my blog) of this world did that in south america and so i understand the reasons as to why the lse might be critical of somebody else borrowing there ‘karma’  being secretive to start with. Although with it awarding iffy qualifications to the sons of dictators its academic rigor is a moot point, although others do the same  (my blog) thing perhaps on orders of the foreign office.

With so many arrangements and management of facts perhaps the concept of knowing is a dangerous subject and one economics professionals wish to curtail.  After all if one can experiment and help starve to death a nation while students safety comes numero uno, perhaps we all should be shooting dead all economics degree holders for crimes against humanity after all with a successful economy in north korea there record speaks for itself .