The whistleblower, Karthryn Bolkovac

unsanctionedrapistisbn: 9780230108028 is the very much delayed tale of Croatia in 1999 which the lawyers failed to suppress and this book saw its first printing in 2011 which is a bit of a wait, it became news for a few days (my blog) and then the press forgot it..

This is a book about the the more sleazy american members of staff of the un** (my blog).  a us corporation called dyncorp (see, and one too bright* us policewomen who had a connection to Croatia so things are just going to end badly and require a barrister or two and some sleaze pointed at the un and dynacorp..

Ms Bolkovac appears to have been honest and when serving in Nebraska got her fair share of interesting events that a country with guns can provide as either news or something that is not reported, and a change of scenery from battle scared Nebraska to Croatia then post civil war after the breakup of Yugoslavia into bonus countries that even i know exist but do not ask me to draw them on a map..

Alarm bells or sirens should have been going off when Ms Bolkovac describes her fellow americans who applied for policing duties***, she appears to have been the only one who was there with the requirements with a then 71 year old southern gentleman makes you wonder if the money meant more than the job.  That is the too bright for her own good problem.

Once there the fun begins and it would have been nice to have names to these people who began not to like Ms B in the beginning of the book as it seems once your in the un you never can do wrong even if it is sexual abuse.  Whether the un hates women or that the people are plain backward is an interesting point.  Whether you deem the un trustworthy, or its suppliers seems to be an issue that there good is better than the reason they are supposed to be in an location.

4/5 bananas

* intelligent police are a curse on police organisations ** usually African peacekeeping troops and the majority of americans contracted  *** the us does not have a national police force, it appears that some of dynacorp stole from american bases too.