Anime 1 Literature snobs 0

flowerevilCharles a writer who i have to admit i had never heard of as I am not a snob and it appears the literature snobs also have ignored him so please excuse my ignorance until the anime work Flowers of evil  was featured in it using of the same name.  Being a book with subject matter that my library does not usually have i found they had a 1955 copy hence no isbn but Gutenberg has it and its free of copyright.

The anime has a painfully slow start but has a look [rotoscope] that i like and does not appear to be of the same usual construction* anime viewers get used to.  It has a dust creature thing like the user friendly comic. Its rather good

The book saw a printing in 1857, my read version dates from 1955 and many translations and i see why this frenchman might be read in Japan as it is direct in its meanings rather than indirect.  I actually liked his poetry although a feel that in translation somebody sythye from 1984  has tried to give it a more biblical meaning that the author would not approve of but required by publishers and the then moral code with older translations.  Extract

the barrenness of pleasures harsh and stale makes made your thirst and parches up your skin; like an old flag volleying in the gale, your whole flesh shudders in blasts of sin


For the book 2/5 bananas, and anime 5/5 bananas.  An interesting clash that works well.

* a lot of them look the same and have the themes of each other.  Some too are innovative and get a nod my me