The legend of gruntal and why you dont buy ikea lighting

Bananas in the Falklands likes Ikea furniture – the better stuff, rather than the really cheap crap. Gruntal was a light fitting of low power complete with transformer. except that the size of gruntal does not fit the pre made holes in some older ikea wardrobe units.

Gruntals diameter is too big, and the old name of gruntal’s transformer breaks after two minutes of use if wired to more than unit.¬† The fittings also have changed from a rectangle connector to round so its incompatible.

Troubleshooting gruntal (now a kitchen shelf and not a light in ikea land) finds that the mains point is good but gruntal as an electrical fittting and transformer are crap even with new bulbs [easily obtainable].  It perhaps explains why lightning  and electrics is not a ikea strong point.

Clearly furniture and electrics dont mix with Ikea.