the man without a face, Vladimir Putin, Masha Gessen

not friends of Putin

isbn: 9781847081490 is a look at the man who is Russia. Putin is an interesting character who should not be underestimated.  Kleptomatic, Murderer (my blog) are some of his features and make Milton Freidman acolytes shit there pants.

Putin has created an interesting recreation of the USSR while tapping the Zeitgeist of western terrorism mean his change from humble kgb operative in Dresden [then east germany] to deputy mayor to president has a lot of cunning and guile.

The problem with the one man juggling all the balls is what happens when his time is up even after rigging elections and controlling all mainstream media.

There is two sides to Putin – the ‘patriot’ come public servant, and the side of plausible rumours the kgb agent who engineered everything back to the way it used to be.

5/5 bananas.


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