Rules that do not apply and councils

_59941043_schoolscompositeCouncils (or local government) are odd. i was watching a documentary about bad builders and the property owning dream.

I learned that building rules do not apply to council buildings and social housing even though they are responsible for enforcing them. I will let that sink in.

If you think that i am referring to 500 year old building, try 50 years and yes some leeway for 500 year old building must be permitted that the council does not own and would be subject to listed building status. Mind you if you look at the image the problems also extend to other council buildings too (my blog)

Anyhow what of the dream of the person with the bad builders and the council whom sold the social housing unit, well the property in question was pretty much rebuilt from scratch essentially on charity.  While regulations do change , and other rules apply i did wonder if the dream was incompatible with the property to start with.

Being thorough and making the point that this is not a single bodged job another house of the same type was shown in even worse condition, no bank would touch it a mortgage for lack of passing those building regulations.

While it might give council planners wholesale access to an area by saying its bad/out of date one wonders what rules they still wont ad-hear to in todays building regulations.

Caveat emptor as they say.

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