I hate the squeezy in marmite

The zoo ran out of Marmite, which depending upon where you live has different names and a slightly different local composition and is made from the remains of beer by product it’s production is a little like petroleum product refining for its processing.

New Zealand had to ration it recently, that might explain why they need to spy on there citizens (my blog).

Anyhow they only had squeezable plastic bottles opposed to the usual glass container and as Marmite.is not the most liquid of products in its original state (a bit like jelly)  the top soon got mucky.

And i also use less of it since you can get it back in the container again.  Somebody made a big mistake with the new packaging.  I do like there advertising though anything that upsets charities is a good thing.

It did not last as long, and the glass containers are preferred for being longer lasting.


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