Preaching to Reverend Paul Flowers

paulflowersPaul Flowers is an interesting case that perhaps shows the being a man of ‘god‘, and boss of a bank are incompatible with each other which our friendly crack cocaine baptist preacher and banker seems to have lost sight of.

I like co-operatives and trade with them where possible but despite there ethical bias they like the genuine crooks in the banking industry (my blog) have the same problems that allowing £1 million plus overdrafts by political parties weakens them too.

The world is a unique place when your  neighborhood drug dealer strangely just happens to video the transaction for some reason or other and releases it.

If the cooperative ideal has been subverted by people who should know better then the idea is still good but the people behind it are rather bad.

It’s rather amusing to have a coke snorting bapist preaching banker in ethical business.

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