A library like a school

workIt was the summer*, and bananas was returning a book that probably has yet to see scheduling here.  I also needed some guidebooks and so visited the correct shelf and found some much to my surprise as most of the books reviewed here are special orders.

However the library was full of children who where not visiting the zoo** and it seemed as if many of them did not want to fill in forms with pencils to start reading books with said marking devices going missing and boxes being not big enough and some trusted adult person wondering if this really is what volunteering in a library was the right path to discover the meaning of life.

I understand it was some sort of educational promotion gone horridly way too successful as i joined the large queue to check out these books.  It was not all ‘win’ with a human adult wanting kids dvd things (my blog) which naturally where not in stock but with a building full of mini humans that sort of thing is to be expected.

There is nothing wrong with reading.  But with so many and a limited stock and a large demand for it i wonder if the message is failed by a lack of choice at that time after all you can read a book but you may not like it.

The scheme sounds good in theory, it is nice to see this thing the council hates really getting used but i wonder if the fun of reading will translate with the economics of demand of supply at that moment.

I seem to have lost my pencil, can you see it write me comment if you have.

* the weather was nice ** really what is the matter with humans

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