Prisonomics,Vicky Pryce

orangeisblackisbn: 9781849546225 is the fallout from a marriage that also saw Chris Hulme (a british cabinet minister) sent to prison for lying to the police (my blog) over a speed camera and who was driving.  A couple of trials in and somebody sensing blood saw Vicky Pryce and Chris Hulme and his other lady on the side as public knowledge.

Mr and Mrs Hulme (aka Pryce) where both sent to prison, and there was a vacancy for a cabinet minister. Pryce an economist stands out among her latest study and advocacy of marital cohersion which is legal for ‘the man made me do it’.

The book goes from the banal* to forming arguments as to why human females should not be locked up due to the reason stated above.  Although drugs and education do come to be mentioned some very bad legal advice* by the legal profession can also be observed.

Anyhow the author makes a coherent point although many issues simply do not apply in this case.

3/5 bananas

* Hannas shit soup ** not that ‘marital cohersion’ worked either.  Americans might have heard of this (my blog)

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