Zombies in politics

curseBananas usually votes and that vote usually is not for a mainstream vote. OK so i vote green (my blog) for sane it policies, and i would also vote pirate party. Local elections are a somewhat intermediate state of affairs but i did notice that the guy who helped kept the library open (my blog) was up and so I voted for him being an independent who did well when others would not care.

He didn’t come across as mr personality but lost in the mid hundreds to a brand name party.  Then again my voting record is not of the populist majority.  In fact it scares me that so many humans vote the way they do.   Apparently he came round when i was out according to the other apes here in monkey house so whether these elections are non trackable is interesting point.*

I also see that there is some activity on the mep (my blog that’s the eu) front with a new candidate trying to ‘connect’ with the voters.  As the present incumbent appears dead to the world** so i don’t fancy his chances at the communication business.

Not sure what is worse the voting majority or the people on the hustings who may or may not be dead.    That is bananas curse.

* yes i was an active voter ** he ignores all communications.