Cranks, ppe’s, and loons in politics.

rory weal and the good sxhool

rory weal and the good sxhool

Politics is boring in fact these herd like species* seem to be crazy people in suits and ties.  Mind you thinking about them might indicate why i vote the way (my blog) i do rather than voting red or blue cause its a pretty colour. or the irrational reason stated as ‘i always voted that way.’

parisbrownThe cranks and loons have a tendency to implode like Paris Brown (my blog) did and that is an interesting case as the imploding was initiated by a bunch of cranks.  Politics appears to be an addictive substance and when one party gets disenfranchised over say same sex guinea pig marriage** they then infect new craziness into new parties.

On your side ?

On your side ?

The ppe’s – that’s oxbridge and all that seem to not need these third raters except in places where they have little say in anything.  That appears to be akin to ‘i always voted that way’

Whether you be a banana waving ppe making laws for one person***, be small minded or simply plain crazy i suppose active in politics might be a good mental health barometer.

* parliament ** i jest *** seen it happen.

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