some re-scheduled film notes

These reviews just keep getting rescheduled, so i am going to condense and stick them in one post.  These are not new films that are in a cinema.

Consider this 9 days of blogs

The Illusionist

May i recommend imdb:tt0443543 as a film worthy of a see.

5/5 bananas

Cloud Atlas

cloud_atlasimdb:tt1371111 is a long film from a book i just did not ‘get’ of some years ago. Anyhow being the W’s (my blog) have a part of it its good case of gender watching, despite the other directors. It features some odd choices including Halle Berry and some pigeon english* with Tom Hanks so i started and stopped this film into an endurance event of six hours as its tedious and did other stuff.

That explains the reason why i never got the book. It has a lot more men in than i thought it would.

4/5 bananas – best on dvd.* being city apes many of the chimps did not get it and even the adults had issues too with the ‘true true’.

Monkeys and Mario steal the speedracer show.

Bananas was chatting with the chimps here in the zoo when they mentioned the film Speed racer (imdb: tt0811080) and how one of there comrades stole the film.

I have mentioned famous apes before (my blog) and thanked the chimps and sought out this film made by the people who made the matrix (my blog).

Speed racer does not get a good rap. I think hat is due to the green screen/ back projection of sets and then the chimp appears who provides hilarious interludes from the film.

marioMario from the video games makes an appearance too.

Interesting although is the perception of motor sport as it came from a japanese anime originally and even the physics defying cg courses are boring. Mind you if a monkey can act better than Susan Sarandon perhaps there is a flaw to mentioned.

Speed racer is an western attempt at japanese animé that fails since anime makes it look simple where no attempt is made to go deeper which animé can do.

One for the kids, and the chimps.

Scott Pilgrims very straight film.

Scott Pilgrim for the inteligent

Scott Pilgrim for the inteligent

Being a ‘snob’ i read the comic (my blog) before the film, i can tell you of a small domestic (my blog) as well.

So the film which i avoided in all previous formats was on a television. I did not see all of it but what i did see seemed very hetrosexual , self censored. I saw why it got shit reviews when it was released.

At least it had snow in it While it had some of the SP experience , it was not the SP experience that the books have.


petticoatBattle Royal (Petticoats in the mist)

Bananas has read Battle Royal (my blog) and while it has been on before i decided to watch the film (imdb: tt0266308) for the first time.

The film has no moral outrage to it and feels censored – how considering that there is no ‘repect’ so would not everything be up for attack. The book is better for its violence rather than filming petticoats and the people who clearly see but do not see anything and ignores a few rules of death.

1/5 bananas.

prometheus with sucky distance 3d (i hate 3d)

imdb: tt1446714 is a new take on alien which many hollywood idiots has ruined with it becoming a monster movie battle to the classic mono syllabic dialogue of alien 3 which had just four speaking roles in one version speak a paragraph of text and your a star.

Alien was a horror bug hunt and well done, 2 had some merits and James Cameron had some very frank words with the film union rep and since has not filmed again in the uk, Film 3 had billions of releases as noted and 4 was an odd reboot with a happy mother and child reunion at the end – arr. The predator films soon went down market and do not ask me as i have not seen them and thus probably contradicts prometheus if interpretation is your game .

However its the original directors take – but with 3d in the background – i watched it in a cinema without 3d glasses the actors where mostly 2d, and the background was 3d and blurry but honesty if you give a shit about the walls colour well good for you. Umm 3d is pointless and a lot of it was 2d rather than 3d based on blurry things.

The star of the thing is the robot who perceives this as a plaything who initiates the demise of the crew. As to the engineers well who gives a stuff about there reasons.

0/5 bananas for the totally unnecessary 3d


imdb: tt1470827 is a film called monsters made in 2010 and is an independent film that surprisingly got shown on tv and the rupert murdochs of this world seem to have snubbed it, or censored it.

It was quite a surprise that five years did not pass before he who hacks your phone allowed to be shown so quickly on you know non mind control television networks.

The film is more of a social statement and humanity than actual monster things and rather slow. Quite enjoyable.

The dark knight films re reviewed.

hell im leaving this sequel now.

hell im leaving this sequel now.

Christopher Nolan’s batman remake is noteable for making pots of money. Some films need a second viewing (my blog) to see that, and others of them are forgettable. I really dont see what the fuss about Heath Ledger (my blog) was about.

The third film (my blog) was also not interesting on a rewatch. Some of the themes and dialogue are intelligent touching bases with Edward Snowden (my blog), aging super heroes and the reason as to why are diminished by the set pieces in the latter films where action replaces words.

I like the first film best of the three for its style, the other two feel like there going through the motions until the next battle. I think its still the best interpretation of batman and pretty much defines the role.

‘    ‘, ****, Fucker, to Vater – its the many Blade runner versions

Blade Runner is a film with far to many versions, sometimes he swears, often he does not, and in the authorised chicken sexer director version* its Father. The film looks a lot less murky than its other versions as released by others in an attempt to cash in.

The book is totally different (my blog) and the films minor changes do not really justify me recommending it, so i will point you instead to the books of Philip K Dick and let me speak no more of this botched implementation by the film industry.

pacrimPacific Rim

What happened to the dialog ? oh dear mr G… 0 bananas

Repo Men

imdb: tt1053424  is a film i liked with its black humour and paid its dues to monty python.  It is hard to pin a tale on the donkey on this morality tale/come slasher film.

5/5 bananas


* a joke

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