‘subscriber’ versus ‘free’ tv and the sports in need of kids

mulletIn January one year a couple of years ago (i like being up to date)  Bananas was watching science fiction in the evening for an hour on free tv with adverts – it is kid friendly, has no gore and the heroes always win enough to defeat the same evil things again in the next episode.

Then the tv gets switched off and i read something in a book that this blog has a rather a lot of book reviews in it.

However one thursday i notice its not on and stuff from evil Rupert Murdochs pay tv (my blog) is on instead as well with the adverts which i understand even the subscribers of pay tv also get.  Are these people really stupid paying to watch adverts with there own money?

My taste in old s/f is not the point here but the stuff paid for and essentially pimped by the crook Murdoch does not interest me one bit being a mix of soap opera or police drama i would not even torrent or even watch on a television even if it was on bbc one.

Later – I see they have Got (my blog) on and it seems not that special, in fact i think some other channel was doing an medieval thing with kings/swords and the boobies   Yes there is a bit more gore in got than the s/f which in turn brings a point that gore and sex might get the press coverage but what about the mass market and its boring stuff they love so got my be an exception to the rule, but that’s about ten hours of tv in a year.

Lost girl got censored by the americans (my blog) so one has to wonder if ‘innovative’ tv is also a lost cause even on pay tv as it appears that the bbc and itv might do is what Rupert Murdoch aims for. an audience of sheep.

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

Mind you with Rupert Murdoch killing competition (my blog) and being a bit a scumbag it does perhaps illustrate that perhaps he and his evil unbiased* empire are perhaps bad for the media. (my blog)  Lets say i am glad that the monkey house is a Rupert Murdoch free zone and will stay that way.

Most of you however have something like this.

The trouble is that such a business model is then admired by mba’s who take it as a message from god to copy – bt plc had a go at this and sucked as the video explains.  In fact even attempt to be a better than cable tv model mba option

Somehow the chickens will come home and fix this shit industry and displace a few mba’s eventually

retardThat brings me to golden goose of Sport on pay tv something i don’t get and i think all sporty people should be shot on sight.  With the ‘best’  being on exclusive channel  and with midnight onwards scheduling, i notice the sports themselves have a problem with young people taking up the sport.  While watching a local news report there also selling cinema rights live complete with an idiot in a costume to counter to this ‘problem’ as it seems the kids watching (or otherwise) are not doing the sport say cricket, or rugby** come as problematic sports.

Money might make the world go round and buy a ferrari for a ‘star’ but a limited audience also present problems as to future talent.

* with adverts too, you do what i say.  ** private school sports

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