The comicon con

yeoldefashionComicon is probably fandom now gone bad. As for me its on the wrong continent, invaded by the fake geek girls, (my blog) and the copyright lobby hardly the people who i associate with comics.   Where the ‘fandom’ fits in is probably very marginalised. You follow rather than set trends or become a pc bore my blog).

There’s some genuine people sure but many are cashing in.

Having established its more ‘business’ than the other stuff probably means its not as geeky or nerdy although it once might have been.  Referring to my geographic wrongness, and being that what happens gets reported with me not having to queue for hours means its not on a bucket list and its covered far too well in the press.

The con in the convention is not the fake geek girls, media conglomerates pimping some product or that its popular to get its own tv show but that for business people its a money making enterprise.

Here is my issue – Children’s toys should be played with, not stored in an unopened state and that is where my issue with uber successful comicon comes from while watching a dealer create sets of unopened franchise toys and sell them to people.

Granted this person flew many thousands of miles to get these rare items and perhaps what was most fascinating that his existing collectors apparently never got a chance to buy them in a made for tv environment.

I do not collect old unopened toys in perfect packaging direct from a factory and would not want to be associated with these people.  As to the dealer who seemed to ignore his usual clients if i where such a client of his i might be upset about not getting some item who’s value thirty years from last production is up for debate.

At least by me.