Social media [gold star syndrome and] woes

goldstarWordPress is an active development platform and at times it shows with things not happening that normally do, however it is still an impressive blog tool, and yes i still recommend ir.  But the newer features do leave it with some problems

The awards of status icons in the .com [social media] version is perhaps abused by some  people with the whacky religion and the seo agenda and i note the awards in this regard are useless as a demographic that can be expressed as ‘x loony Christians liked a post because they have to spread the message of there madness’ (my blog).

Pretending being a lion

Pretending being a lion

Occasionally one of these iffy blogs be it crazy christians, seo’ers, and people pimping strange stuff [you know who you are] get shut down but usually that does not happen.  This is why I do not show likes and follows in the template.  In fact until the like top button appeared to the wordpress user – the only way you could like any of my posts here was to open the specific blog page and press that like button.

curse‘Curse’ might be the wrong word, but on my non blogroll blogs i like when i start to follow a blog the writer of it then seems to stop writing it*. Yes i am concentrating on ‘followed’ blogs that soon go nowhere. Its getting to a point that following a wordpress blog is something i dare not do as that seems to be the end of it.

Instead i will use the url of the wordpress blogs i like rather than follow.  It would be great if the wordpress  . com implementation could handle non wordpress blogs say plumpeergeddon [see the blogs i follow]  So that is a feature wanting although i still read the blogs i blogroll anyhow.  For social media feature that sucks.

I consider the gold star syndrome in also a curse and its good idea stuff should be left in dustbin of bad ideas.  Blogs should be interesting, not a means to sell smokers stuff [follower still count despite being flagged as a wordpress . com tos issue], or tell the world you believe in crazy and you should too.  The straw argument that quantity of ranting over quality is another issue.  Sure some posts are better than others but quantity awards  do leave issues.

At least i can minimize its effects, blogging existed before social media and that seems to be forgotten,

* no posts in months, or if I know the person then it never gets off the ground.

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