revisiting graphics and remastering sound does not equal better.

more inside than outside in tos

Bananas saw some of the formerly hd (and then hastily converted to a pinkish ray format) graphics of the original star trek series.  I decided to look into it.  Eventually after a while i saw some more of the iffy new  graphics that did not impress me that much.  However in tos ‘outside’ spaceship scenes are rare outside of season 1 which has more best episodes than seasons 2 and 3 put together.

tng on bluray

tng is another matter as there are more outside images. Mind you i always thought tng was acceptable. The thing about improved tv series with upgraded bits is perhaps that in another fifty years tng will look arcane to a new audience when what your supposed to be doing is listening to the dialogue.something that series 1 of tos has but is unappreciated

Not owning a blue ray player is another issue** but those come with drm issues* that mean it might not work in the future.  So that’s one less bit of electronics i want

* the software needs upgrading and you pay it ** Sony are not liked in the monkey house and its there standard and not a ringing endorsement

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