Mischievous Kiss – Love in Tokyo

mischkissIs a drama which is not the sort of thing i usually make a date for but oddly has something going for it.   Occasional bits of wisdom and humor set it apart.  Its setup is a little unbelievable and along the lines of 50 shades of grey (my blog) sans the sex and seems a little dated with no mobile phones.

It has a comedic twinge to it although  the female protagonist might be perceived as a trainee bunny boiler.* Anime watchers like myself might spot some yua (my blog) locations.

Its not 100% serous, but has an message underneath the comedy further in and so has something likeable about it despite the lack of control, you however might think its trash.  I leave that call for you to make.

5/5 bananas – A charming series.

* think Glen Close