The snowden files, Luke Harding

isbn: 9781783350353 is about Edward Snowden and makes me wonder about journalists.  The ‘surprise’ felt by many was not since i read James Bamford (my blog) now some of Bamford’s work is up for some nsa propaganda things such as the us domestic interception of internet was in there. However it seems the journalists had no concept of how deep the hole is.

risk averse

apparently what a leaker should look like

Another preconceptions is that persons like this must be aged 40-60 years old.  It perhaps explains why Bradley Manning got ignored (my blog) by these journalist types.  It is another problem for newspaper industry who seem to think old people only read newspapers and supply information to them with such a bias perhaps newspapers deserve to die*.

Anyhow having flown to meet this ‘too young’ person at least he got published rather than  suffer the fate of manning who got ignored.

Snowden’s background is scuntinised and the man behind the leaks comes form a government family and seems a little too free thinking for governmental types.  However this mcse with no academic education gets a job with the cia, pisses off his bosses, and as George W Bush privatised the nsa after 9/1 with then job a job with Dell (my blog) doing shady things and then with Booze Alan Hamiliton who get most of the free publicity rather than dell.

It is an understatement to say Snowden and his newspaper cohorts are polar opposites in views although i doubt that a Rupert Murdoch (my blog) or right wing newspaper would run the ‘scoop’, but the right wing libertarian (my blog) does the deed and the genie offers its three wishes alas** not in a murdoch publication.

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On the nsa side ?

In this blog i often rant that there is not a lot of difference between the red party and blue party so both parties are guilty of no oversight you supposedly pay them for,  a correlation is made that those who voted to make the illegal legal on the ‘war on terry‘ where rewarded by those who should have ‘over-sighting’ instead of bribe taking.

As a book it presents a coherent picture for idiots and grudgingly points a reference out to James Bamford.  With politicians of both red and blue in colour being bought at the expense of mass spying one wonders who walks the dog, does the dog walk the politician or the politician that walks the dog ?

Snowden did the right thing just for asking the question that many won’t dare ask and the index on press freedoms has taken a noise dive in both Britain and the US.

4/5 bananas.

* playing devils advocate ** i jest

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