The Quest, Daniel Yergin

oilproductionisbn: 9780241957776* is an author i have read before with his book the prize, which is a large book on the oil industry and its beginnings.  It was an interesting read then so this new book was picked up.  It begins where isbn: 067171189x finishes.  It’s first 250 pages are extremely boring with a potted history of the breakdown of the then soviet union.  Hugo Chavez is also brought into the picture and although a moral to a tale i think other books (my blog) get central american politucs better.

So this is no one pass read it took me a week to read that far, n fact its boring. Eventually it gets round to Hubbert.  The book breify does nuclear, and spends a few chapters on the beggining on climate science and this seems all over the place in regard to focus.  Executive and little detail perhaps sums it up.

Mildly interesting 2/5 bananas

*This edition is revised from the original, and may already be out of date with Putin (my blog) doing his rent a stripper kgb bear wrestling act in the Ukriane and environs.



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