Making it happen, fred goodwin, rbs and the men who blew up the british economy, Iain Martin

fredgoodwinisbn: 9781471113543 is a look at Fred the shred who is a little bit vain (my blog) and unable to take criticism of any sort.

His ascent and descent takes us on a joyride of the great and good and no one is spared from the ppi scam, to enron, those three natwest employees and it later it problems that make rbs and its pwned banks subject to ridicule when all those bank cards stop working a couple of times a year (all links this blog) and i was never a clients of there’s but been a victim of there cock ups.

As well as taking down another firm of auditors who i leave a standard blog prize* if you know who also worked for them.

sellotapeIt is a surreal read at times and the selliotape chapter is giggle inducing and nobody including shareholders thought that any response other than a ‘yes’ was good idea.

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

Sir Fred was egged on by many and fairly or not got the blame when debt turned into junk but Gordon Brown and the Millibands in the labout party also did not regulate and created a too big to fail monster.  The faailing of the it systems of natwest, ulster, and rbs are his call to arms as an efficiency so i am sure some of the blame is well placed.

Banking is a strange industry where a culture of small inter bank deals and large profit over risk knowing what they had means your average banking employee is probably seen as an liability rather than an asset should your name be Fred Goodwin.

5/5 bananas

* a used banana skin sent in the post – comment to play

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