History begins to judge microsoft in not the nicest of ways



Which i do not have any issues with being a linux user and a view that is nice to know that history is beginning to get a handle on the iffy business practices that ushered the pc and mass internet era in.

Sure ms is still here but now is associated with fud*, dubious business practices and iffy software while murdering the competitors** (my blog).  Without this nasty bunch of people i doubt that some of the things you might use might not be here.

Anyhow that somebody else thinks the same way as bananas in the falklands is a start.  It is early days yes but if this view becomes reaaly mainstream then it is going to be a good thing.

Choice is good, monopoly is bad.

* fear u____ d____ i offer my standard banana skin prize for the first comment to get the missing words ** Add nokia too

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