Tokyo underworld, Robert Whiting

live02yuaisbn: 9781780330679 recently there have been a number off strange Japanese crime dramas around if you know where to look for them. Either they focus via a policemans views or from the crime side. To be honest i found them not very good mind you i liked Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa, (my blog) which dealt with traffic violations.

These newer dramas have more ‘hint’ of consumer education and reminds us that crime is universal.   However as the truth is often better than fiction this book sort of points the way crime changed after 1946.  Many of the lessons here (my blog) also ring true.

Lockheed [aerospace and defence] and others are involved as crime evolves from markets to banking and your crime bos today might have an mba.  It is an interest account of crime from the perspective of an encyclopaedia Britannica salesman,

Crime == capitalism, and the usa is ok with that

3.5 bananas brief

by golly but...

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