Top bananas in the falklands books on Afghanistan

I have done a fair bit of reading and some of that has been on current events so i will recap on the best on them.

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

In the beginning there was a first invasion (feb my blog), then in 1979 Russia thought it worth a go (my blog) of which the civil service cc’ed a copy of the documents from the first link to the Russians.  Bin Laden (my blog) happened to like what was going on and after America won and then left Afghanistan after all apparently deposing two dictators for the price of one is a deal.

I came and conquered, and then left it

I came and conquered, and then left it

This Welsh book (also censored at cost to the public)  is worth a read and while you might be now placing a bet on how long Hamid Karazi remains in Afghanistan without his American friends to assist him in buying Dubai.

Suppression of the media has been made easier (my blog) can be seen here.  While the press under both Murdoch and the bbc seek not to report what is going on.

So as the last troops leave it will be interesting to see what happens next or who is next to ‘civilise’ it.  One might argue that war already has been lost (my blog)

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