‘Reading groups’ sections in books

retardoh dear it is time for banana’s in he falklands to tackle the ‘problem’ of reading book sections in books.  As i read a lot without the aid of reading group* i tackle issue with the english literature graduates who have billionaire boyfriends with sexual perversions (my blog).

These should you be a non book reader are found at the back of the book and have content along the lines of

your boyfriend is a deviant but rich can you make him straight  ?


did you know about historical person x** before you read this book ?

The world of the reading group is strange full of sub illiterate humans as classes by english lit majors which is why i linked to where i did.  I somehow believe that if all the english literature professors and students where to be killed i think the world would become a better place and publishing might turn a profit.

As to the correct answers for question for 1 did you only do it for the money if your a homophobic bible basher, and on question 2 who really gives a stuff.

* if you need a group of people to read i assume you are too dumb to read books you like like to read. ** being that an english literature person probably knows as little about the real person as you do – as there is also no list of books or isbn numbers proves it.

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