Systemd yet another gnome project fuckup.

crapBananas runs linux in testing it can be stable, and at times be ‘wrong’* near distro release but it allows me to see what crap the gnome project think is a great idea.  Last time gnome 3 (my blog) was classed as sewage this time it is systemd which i am ‘testing’ in real life.

You turn on a computer, grub appaers and boots in my implementation there is problem with fstab mounting twice – not an issue without systend and then it goes black you get no status messages which i like and are usefull if you run testing and know if anything gets broken.

Systemd might be the thing and better but as the gnome project have there fingers in this pie i simply assume there trying to fuckup linux with there i want to write a mobile phone os world domination crap.

Maybe there is an option to turning on information while linux does it stuff but i assume if gnome are in on this then thats going to be a no, Why well that would be wrong.

I hate the gnome project.


  1. who the fuck has a file that i cannot cat**  the file is -.mount found /run/systemd/generator
  2. where the fuck is the documentation man systetmd-some-cranky vague shit here and what has piriorty dstab ot the file that exists but cannot be viewed ?

People who think systemd is a good idea should be put on an aircraft, flown to the crimea and then blown out of the sky..  I think comrade Putin (my blog) should support the gnome project and have a conference in either Sevastopol or Sochi (my blog) and he can help.

* some things i expect to have issues with ** not a pet

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