Japanese Drama and anime to seek out [that i can access]

jdrama-galileoGalileo is a sherlock clone show so it is good to see that crime is not simply solved by the near dead middle class amateurs.  Generally speaking of the three i have seen the lady policewoman’s sense of ethics seems a bit off or someone attempting the greasy pole of promotion / stupid, and has the better emphasis on the science. Anyhow that is a view from the monkey house.  I came to an abrupt halt as episode 4 is out to lunch, although later ones can be seen.  So that might be the last i see.

In anime – if you want punishment sword art online (my blog) is back for more of the same. It has a very slow start but does not reset to zero.  My interest in sao had reduced as the January special between season 1 and season 2 was un-watchable and i never saw more than five minutes of it.  Have to admit i started laughing from part 4 onwards, the changing of absolutes from season 1 might be its fail..

HaNaYaMaTa is about Yosakoi* and is a new pick and inoffensive.

I hear of other animes like sailor moon but those are not available in the ‘strict’ sense if you get my point.   So i am sure there is more better stuff out there. However with regional restrictions i still see no point in up-selling (my blog)

Happy exploring

* a dance

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