smaller on the outside, bbc and its genre problem



The bbc is a thing i just do not get and i honesty do not watch bbc channels as either i am reading which is something i do a lot of, or the bbc is closing bbc three, (my blog),  Having no desire to be groped by jimmy (my blog) so somewhere us monkeys and the bbc lost contact.  However on occasion there is a gem worth watching. Although praise is something thought bad of – if i like it then generally nobody else does.

Being ‘recent’ today is new dr who day and why that might be good it also includes a lot of fuck ups and a new one of those has to be the cinema release at the same time as the series is also done on tv although time zones factor here its cheap use of cinemas would seem to indicate that while the bbc can when it wants to make tv without pubs and soap operas.

Maybe as monkeys we see through the propaganda and cheap tv that supposedly is good enough recently that has apparently been enactments of world war 1 which with 16 million dead proves humans are dumb, some of that coverage seemed very unquestioning of the why and how and lets leave the thinking there.

Perhaps genre is too good for the bbc hence the cinema release of a tv series.  Which is odd thinking when most cinema is simply superheroes in its current form says something.  Can the Scottish be an alien and for how long will also be a question in the current climate

by golly but...

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