Nginx from the beginning, but still a no go

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Bananas uses apache* as an web server. Howeever apache2 is getting a bit old (my blog) even with the newish gnutls and nginx would appear to do most of what i need in the zoo.  In ‘planning; the only thing i cannot seem to do easily is dnsbl denies a requester for being marked as powned box  – although i see a modules that deny ip, a reverse dns module and lunix-ish script execution appear missing although mod security has a thing for that.

So i think its worth a go replacing apache2 with something newer. I decide to do it and find nginx fast with html .  cgi and php is another matter.  I will start wth phpinfo  which changes a lot – you lose http headers, apache environment, and run an fpm server which is init,d start-able,  A gotcha that caused me a day** or so entertainment was the /etc/init.d/fcgiwrap process nobody seems to mention that this has to cranked on and off and that was cgi-bin ‘fixed’ although nobody seems to telll you that is required – argh so that was good and cgi.pathinfo is best at the default rather than 0.  That is another thing. changing permissions to 0666 is also a another tutorial wrong out there in search land.

the nginx config is interesting but i am making newbie errors , anything outside of the root needs app permisions and allow statements however stuff called from index.html loads from other directories even though if say you tray and access /thisfolder  nginx wont let you.  Its VERY FAST just with html

cgi works and so does php as .php,  Some htmnl php ia a complete no go take this

<abbr title="random stuff from the fortune program">Fortune quote</abbr><cite><!-- [CDATA[ -->
$f = new Fortune;
echo $f->quoteFromDir("/usr/share/games/fortunes/");
<!-- ]]--> </cite>

Having explored the search envirfonment [security extenions does not cut it] and other things mean although most of code on apache exec‘s (my blog) in nginx doing trivial stuff stuff sucks.  I will remain faithful to apache and keep nginx as an future option – in search terms i’d love a handler for php in html.

I can see why nginx might deem looking elsewhere outside to the html root as dangerous and unless there is a really stupid way of doing an exec like this that also did not work then i am patient to wait being i have an a- .score with apache2 on quays

cat /php/t1.php

That concludes my look at ngix 1.2.1-2.2+wheezy2 on debian 7

* from version 1 **  by day i mean turning off apache and running nginx with x solutions so i know that i am not getting an apache request and i then turn off nginx and restart apache within five minutes *** not a database app

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